A new website for Dignified Work for Domestic Workers

Congrats to Cohort 1 Team, Dignified Work for Domestic Workers, on the launch of their new website and resource platform!  http://igualvalorigualesderechos.org

You can find a resources section which includes recent studies, videos, photographs, info graphs for you to download, share and disseminate as you please and our Blog: Currently most entries are in Spanish. Do expect some to be in English soon!

The program Equal Value, Equal Rights, is CARE’s impact multiplication strategy in Latin America, which seeks to advance the rights of millions of domestic workers in the region. For this, the program focuses on actions of political advocacy, articulation of national and global domestic workers’ organizations with international and regional organizations related to the subject, and in communication strategies of national/regional scope for employers’ sensitization and behavior change. CARE’s commitment to this population program is long-winded: we hope to positively impact the lives of 5 million domestic workers by the year 2020 and 10 million till 2030.

Equal Value, Equal Rights is a regional initiative that currently is being implemented in Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico. However, CARE’s experience with domestic workers’ organizations already started on 2010 in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia allowing our organization to systematize these experiences and learn together with domestic workers’ organizations at national and regional levels about what are the best strategies to continue advancing their rights.

Is this happening in your house?

The Dignified Work for Domestic Workers team has been working through social movements to improve conditions for domestic workers across Latin America. This week, to recognize the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, they’re sharing they video, “Is this happening in your house? And our petition to end violence and harassment in the workplace. We currently have over 13,000 signatures and hope this number grows throughout our 16 days against violence campaign (#TrabajoSinViolencia).


Community Health Entrepreneurs profiled in the Frontline Health Workers blog!

We’re always excited to see alumni teams and their scaling successes highlighted! Cohort 1 team, Community Health Entrepreneurs, continues to scale their model. A recent blog from the Frontline Health Workers Coalition profiles Masuda, Shankori and Shilpi – three community health entrepreneurs trained through CARE’s model:

“These entrepreneurial midwives are part of a cohort of 300 trained by CARE International and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to reach remote communities with skilled health services. They are now covering all of Sunamganj, a population of 2.8 million. They have delivered 29,000 babies and have provided 738,000 services. Each entrepreneurial midwife is supported by 10 community health workers who educate the community and identify the pregnant women.”

Congrats to the team for now covering all of Sunamganj district!

Shankori is introduced to the community she will serve through folk song. The entertaining play draws in a packed audience and is an effective way to introduce them to their new entrepreneurial midwife, acting out how she can help when a baby is born and dispelling myths.