Meet our Partners: Unreasonable Institute

The Accelerator participants are taking a break during the month of August but our partners are busy creating our next labs.  We’re thrilled to be working with Unreasonable Institute for our next two labs on Business Model Generation (September) and Pitching (October)!

We were going to write a more detailed profile to introduce you to the fantastic Unreasonable staff but this video says it better than we could!

What We’re Reading: Scaling Up Excellence

Another book that helped us think about design question #3 – “What is the optimal fidelity for scale?” – is Scaling Up Excellence, by Robert I. Sutton and Huggy Rao.

“The first major business book devoted to this universal and vexing challenge” – Amazon

The authors walk us through decades of case studies on how various companies and initiatives found the right place on the continuum of customization versus replication as they scaled.



My favorite part? This little bit of wisdom:

“Organizations that scale well are filled with people who talk and act as if they are in the middle of a manageable mess.”

The wall of crazy is slowly taking over

Well hey… if office space is a reflection of this sentiment, then maybe the Accelerator is well on its way!

messy office
What exactly were we thinking?

That Time We Asked USAID for $1 Million for Innovation – From the Hilarious Folks at JadedAid

Could any sector possibly have more buzzwords, jargon and even made up words than the global development sector?  Sometimes it seems that the field of innovation is trying to give us a run for our money!  What happens when you work in both spaces? Hopefully you have a sense of humor to keep you sane.

The folks at USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures challenged the humorists at the JadedAid (makers  of the “scalable crowdsourced development tool – JadedAid: A card game to save humanitarians”) to submit a proposal. JadedAid crowdsourced their proposal (really, is that any different from how we write them?) and USAID sent them their determination letter with lightning speed.  Hilarity ensues.

If you could use a laugh today, check out the full post here!

From the twitter sphere – USAID flexes their funny bone

Source: That Time We Asked USAID for $1 Million in JadedAid Funding… – JadedAid