Unreasonable Says “Forget Pitching. Tell a Story. Here’s How!”

The Unreasonable Institute’s CEO Teju Ravilochan facilitated the Scale X Design Accelerator‘s final core lab on pitching last week. This article was one of the pre-reads for the teams before the session. The teams will work on their pitch over the next few months to prepare for the Scale X Design Challenge, a first-of-its-kind event in January in New York City!

Forget Pitching. Tell A Story. Here’s How!

Scale X Design Challenge Save the Date

The pinnacle of CARE’s first-of-its-kind Accelerator, the Scale X Design Challenge will bring together social entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives and development practitioners to collaborate and celebrate CARE’s most promising and proven programs to eradicate global poverty and combat social injustice. Converging in New York City on January 26, 2017, Challenge attendees are invited to participate in social entrepreneurship and innovation workshops that culminate in a final festive evening where teams from the first cohort of the Accelerator will pitch their innovative ideas—and their vision for scale—to a panel of expert judges who will select three winners and award them each a $150,000 cash prize. With financial resources and the agility to implement their programs on a global scale, these teams will lead the way with shared intelligence, a unified vision and a singular focus to empower millions of people and inspire lasting change.

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Thursday, January 26, 201 7

  • 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.: Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Workshop at the Centre for Social Innovation (601 W 26th St #325, New York, NY 10001)
  • 5:30 p.m.: Complimentary shuttle from the Centre for Social Innovation to Pitch Night in Brooklyn
  • 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. Pitch Night at New Lab (63 Flushing Avenue, Building 128, Cumberland Gate, Brooklyn, NY 11205)


Devex News: Putting health workers front and center: 3 lessons on innovative partnerships

The  CARE/GSK Public Private Partnerships (PPP) health worker program in Bangladesh has been highlighted on Devex  in a piece written by Daryl Burnaby, Global Health Programs, GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) and Tom Sessions, lead for Strategic Partnerships and Private Sector Engagement at CARE International UK who is part of the Scale X Design PPP team. The article articulates the shortage of frontline health workers globally and how partnerships between the private, NGO and public sectors can deliver impactful, sustainable solutions to improve access to health. The initiative is now expanding from the original six countries in Asia to Africa, starting with Chad and Cameroon.

WSJ Video: Big Data: The Link Between Information and Financial Inclusion

Watch this video from the Wall Street Journal developed by CGAP, the World Bank’s financial inclusion unit which provides a short summary of the link between the growth in data generated by mobile phones and financial inclusion. It was shared with us by our Chomoka (Digital VSLA) team. The video raises the benefits and risks associated with this trend.

As the leading promoter of savings groups in Africa, CARE has established and willing users, more brand recognition and more understanding of the barriers these groups face than anyone else. We believe have a better shot than anyone else at getting a large number of people to use the solution, which is key to success. By being the provider of the solution that generates data on group trends and behavior, we also effectively can serve as a layer between that information and the growing range of financial service providers looking to bank groups and group members. By creating a marketplace- rather than tying our platform to a single financial service provider- we can promote competition and only market financial products to users that are designed with consumer protection and consumer prosperity in mind from the outset. We’re excited to see what happens in the future with digitizing savings groups!

Meet the Teams: Community Score Card©

What is the Community Score Card©?  It is an innovative approach that brings together community members, service providers and government officials to identify barriers to effective, high-quality service delivery and develop a shared plan for improvement. Watch this video to learn more!

Meet the Team

THUMBIKO MSISKA | Project Manager | CARE Malawi

Thumbiko Msiska is a Project Manager with CARE Malawi, and for the last several years he has overseen the implementation and evaluation of CARE’s Community Score Card, as social accountability approach, in improving reproductive health services in Ntcheu, Malawi. Thumbiko was on the team that invented CARE’s Community Score Card in 2002, and today is supporting the design and establishment of a social enterprise consultancy for catalyzing the reach and impact of the approach. Thumbiko has 15 years’ experience in designing, managing, implementing and evaluating health and livelihood development programs in Malawi, and in working at community, district and national levels.  Thumbiko has represented CARE’s social accountability and health work at a number of international conferences and is a co-author on several corresponding publications. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health from the University of Malawi and is finalizing his Master of Public Health with the same University.

KRISS CHINKHOTA | Project Coordinator | CARE Malawi

Over the past several years, Kriss has supported the day-to-day implementation and evaluation of the Community Score Card in Ntcheu, Malawi for improving the delivery of quality health services. Kriss has also provided capacity building and training on the CSC to other organizations within Malawi and CARE Mozambique, and sharing CSC experiences at Asia governance meeting in Nepal. Going forward, Kriss will be on the Consulting Roster providing CSC capacity building, training and design support to clients.  Kriss will also be supporting the R&D Lab, including overseeing the day-to-day execution of the first model the team will be testing: linking the CSC process and evidence from the local level to district and national level advocacy initiatives. Kriss has worked with CARE International in different portfolios since 2008; and has over10 years’ experience in programs monitoring, learning, evaluation and data management ranging from tools development to collection, processing and analysis. Previously, Kriss has worked with Maimwana Research Project, Save the Children, Health Foundation Consortium, and Maikhanda. He holds a Bachelor of Health Systems Management, Exploits University obtained in 2016, a Diploma in Information processing obtained from the Polytechnic, University of Malawi in 2004 and Monitoring and Evaluation Certificate from the University of Cape Town obtained in 2008.

CAROLYN GRANT | Technical Specialist, Sexual, Reproductive and Maternal Health |CARE USA

Carolyn provides programmatic and technical support to advance the work of CARE’s Global Sexual, Reproductive and Maternal Health team across a variety of projects and initiatives. Carolyn supports the team’s SRMH and governance programming, including overseeing the start-up of a social enterprise consultancy for catalyzing the reach and impact of CARE’s Community Score Card. Carolyn is the team’s technical lead for adolescent sexual, reproductive health (ASRH), advising on the design, implementation and evaluation of ASRH interventions across our programs and representing CARE’s ASRH work in external forums. Carolyn also supports the documentation and sharing of evidence and learning from a large maternal and child health project in Bihar, India. Prior, Carolyn served in short term assignments supporting CARE’s work in the areas of grant stewardship, and policy and advocacy.  Before joining CARE, she worked at a public relations firm in Washington, DC where she was responsible for all aspects of implementing a public diplomacy campaign for a foreign government.  Carolyn also has experience working with FHI 360’s Gender Center on human trafficking issues. She holds a Masters in International Affairs from George Washington University and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.