Meet the Teams: Decent Work and Empowerment of Paid Domestic Workers

Female domestic workers in Latin America are largely unprotected by labor laws and denied basic human rights. CARE Ecuador has worked with labor unions and women’s groups to build a movement around this issue and has generated important policy positions regarding the rights of domestic workers. This approach includes promoting the voice of women by extending labor unions to more provinces, which empowers women to engage in the decision-making process around labor rights, and strengthening inter-institutional joint working groups to provide a larger platform for advocacy.

The advocacy efforts have resulted in increased labor union membership and Ecuador’s ratification of Agreement 189, which recognizes domestic work as a job with the same status and rights as all other jobs. Scaling up this initiative and pushing for the compliance of Agreement 189 will support the rights of 19 million women in the region.


Meet the Team

Nubia Ximena Zambrano Mendoza | Project Coordinator – Gender Equality | CARE Ecuador

Nubia has several years of experience in empowerment and gender equality advocacy and has supported numerous activism efforts for the world’s most vulnerable people. In particular, she has focused on women and children who are discriminated against on the basis of ethnicity, economic status, and sexual orientation. These efforts have included building networks to support the implementation of policies that advocate for the education of working children and designing public awareness campaigns. Nubia will serve as a co-lead on this project, and will draw from her strengths and expertise in advocacy methodology and management, strategic planning, social organizational networks and relations, and gender issues. Nubia has a Masters in Education with a concentration in Multiculturalism and a certificate in Social Intervention and Local Development and Citizen Participation. She has previous work experience as a Professor of Educational Administration and Supervision.

Miriam Moya Herrera | Regional Coordinator- Gender Equality | CARE Latin America & the Caribbean

Miriam has 16 years of experience supporting the rights and equality of women, children and workers. She has designed and implemented formal processes to advocate for equality and human rights and has supported the planning, monitoring and evaluation of health, economic development, citizen participation and education programs at the local, national and international level. She has also developed strategies to bolster the rights of children, women and indigenous workers and has assisted in building the inter-institutional networks and partnerships to support those strategies. Miriam will serve as the lead for this initiative and will bring to the project her extensive experience in working with large political actors and organizations to develop public policies. Miriam holds a Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery, a Masters in Health Management for Local Development, and a Masters in Gender Development and Planning, specializing in Human Rights and Public Policy.