Meet the Teams: CHAT! Contraception

Chat! Contraception,  an integrated behavior change communication (BCC) packagewas created in 2015 and aims to improve the health of garment factory workers though empowering young women to make informed, healthy, sexual choices, access reliable reproductive health services, and prevent unplanned pregnancies. Improving the health of workers and preventing unplanned pregnancies also has benefits for factory management, as in turn, workers will take fewer sick days and are more likely to continue working at the factory for longer—both significant factors for productivity.  Chat! Contraception harnesses the reality of young urban women in Cambodia, integrating both entertainment and technology to achieve its goals. The concept adopts an innovative, three-pronged approach, to “Inform, Engage, and Challenge.”

Chat! Cambodia Team
Chat! Cambodia Team

Julia Battle | SRMHR Advisor | CARE Cambodia

With over 12 years of diverse global health experience in the governmental, non-profit, academic, and private sectors, Julia Battle spent five years in Tanzania, planning and overseeing evidence-based, innovative reproductive, maternal and newborn health programs before relocating to Cambodia in 2015 to take on a Technical Advisor role. Her accomplishments include designing and implementing effective programs, managing diverse staff, conducting rigorous evaluations, building strategic partnerships, and writing various publications and proposals. Her passion and technical expertise is in sexual, reproductive, maternal, and newborn health, with a particular interest in applying evidence to increase quality and access to essential health care at both the community- and facility- levels.

Julia holds a BA in Philosophy from the George Washington University and an MPH in Global Health (Community Health) from Emory University.

Supraja Suresh | Apparel & Garment Sector Projects Advisor | CARE Cambodia

Supraja Suresh joined CARE Cambodia in April 2015. In her current role she develops and manages relationships with retailers, industry bodies, other stakeholders and advises the factory team on implementation design and training. With a strong background in Sustainability Management, Quality, and Corporate Communications, Supraja has previously managed capacity building and safety programs in garment factories in India and Bangladesh. She is also fluent in five languages, including Tamil and Telugu.

 Chenda Net | Project Manager | CARE Cambodia

Chenda joined CARE Cambodia in 2015 and is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the package in the
garment factories, including work planning, budgeting, and managing the local NGO partner. She also led review and revision of the Khmer materials. She finished her postgraduate work in health and international development at Flinders University
and has a background in physiotherapy and women’s sexual & reproductive health.

Maly Man | Senior Program Officer | CARE Cambodia

Maly joined CARE Cambodia in 2013 and is the master trainer who facilitated the field testing and training-of-trainers for all aspects of the package, manages factory relationships, and provides regular monitoring and supervision in the factories. Her responsibilities
include overseeing the delivery of diversity training by sub grantees and localpartners, and monitoring impact and
innovation, particularly in garment factories with CARE and other key stakeholders. Maly has over a decade of
experience training in various settings including communities and local schools throughout Cambodia.

Jenny ConradCommunications Advisor | CARE Cambodia

Jenny joined CARE Cambodia in 2013, She is  responsible for sharing program successes, increasing brand visibility in Cambodia, and managing the Country Office’s online presence. This
includes managing a team of communications and knowledge management staff and regular support to program
teams. Jenny provided input on the design of the Chat! Contraception package and materials to ensure these met donor branding requirements and has developed a potential social media strategy for Chat! Contraception.
With a BA in English from the University of Bristol, Jenny also served as a freelance writer previously and an editor in various roles specializing in communications for NGOs and social enterprises.

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Tanya Barnfield | Program Director for the Socially Marginalised Women Program | CARE Cambodia

Tanya Barnfield joined CARE Cambodia in May 2012 and is responsible for the Socially Marginalised Women program, which focuses on rural people and urban migrants who have limited productive resources and lack social protection, especially women. She has the overall responsibility for the development, implementation and management of the program and its projects. Projects include working with young women in business, strengthening access to maternal and child health services and ending violence against women and girls. Tanya developed the vision for the Chat! Contraception package.

Originally from Warwickshire, UK, Tanya has worked throughout Asia for over a decade. She has a strong background in program management and has managed humanitarian and development programs in Sri Lanka and Indonesia.