Meet the Teams: Social Impact Incubator (SII)

In Burundi, as in most of CARE’s presence countries, civil society organizations (CSOs) struggle to develop their full potential and this contributes to CSOs’ low capacities and weak internal systems and impact. Not only does this require CARE to invest in heavy compliance systems and in direct capacity building of implementing partners but this is an obstacle in finding strategic partners and allies to reach shared goals and multiply impact.

The Social Impact Incubator (SII) is an innovative approach to institutional development based on CSOs needs. It is available free of charge to any selected local emerging CSOs and targets their institutional capacities and relations with peers and potential donors. Through a seven-month strengthening process, these participating organizations (called Champions) receive support in donor engagement, learning, mentorship programs, networking and capacity building.

A recent evaluation of the SII assessed its effect on the two first cohorts (2013 and 2014) totaling 33 Champions. It found that 78% of the Champions increased their revenue after the training through 40 new donor connections directly attributed to the SII (total USD 1.2M). Most Champions have strengthened their strategic planning and have become professional organizations (65% have increased the size of their paid staff and 66% have improved management systems). Two-thirds of the participant note increased collaboration and networking with peer CSOs and 81% of Champions have gained new partners.


Meet the Team

Rose-Marie Nkubiri | Director of Finances and Administration | CARE Burundi

Rose-Marie Nkubiri has spent 12 years with CARE Burundi. She joined CARE as Support Program Officer of a Sub office. Now she is the Director of Finances and Administration. Rose Marie Rose Marie plays a critical role strategic decision making and operations within CARE Burundi to enhance the following areas: finance, business planning and budgeting, human resources, administration, and IT. Rose Marie is also responsible for all aspect related to ensure Gender, Equity and Diversity within CARE Burundi. Previously before joining CARE, she was a Director of an NGO, “Penal Reform International.” She also occupied a position of Administrative Assistant in a UNDP project called “National Communication on Climate Change.” She holds a Bachelor Diploma in Management, completed a training course in Business Administration at the Pan-African Institute for Development (IPD) in Douala / Cameroon.

Josée Ntabahungu | Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Program (GEWEP) Lead | CARE Burundi

Josée Ntabahungu is a formal journalist. She has presented news for 8 years at national television. She is among the first women journalists who founded women’s journalist association, and was very active in women empowerment and gender promotion. From there she joined CARE International in Burundi 12 years now, were she has been a strong advocacy and communications person. She was writing CARE Burundi Newspaper, called “Did you Know?” Today she is leading the gender equality and women empowerment program, in which 8 national NGOs are partners. She holds a degree in social science, history, and has followed many others trainings in women rights and leadership. 50 Years old, Josée is a very dynamic person full of energy and committed for gender equality and women’s rights and leadership.

Marie Louse Nzosaba | Monitoring and Evaluation Officer | CARE Burundi

Marie Louise Nzosaba is very active in the area of preventing VGB and supporting survivors of VBG and is among founders of a local association that is running a well known center that support survivors of VGB. SERUKA: Coming Out of the Dark! She has been working with CARE for 11 years. In her current position she is supporting CARE partners to put in place effectiveM&E tools for conflict resolution and promotion of women participation post conflict resolutions formal and informal mechanisms. Previously she work for CARE as a psychosocial officer. She also worked at Centre Seruka and was a teacher in secondary schools for 4 years.  She hold a bachelor degree in Psychology.

Bosco Ntirivamunda | Internal Auditor Manager | CARE Burundi

Bosco Ntirivamunda  has been working with CARE Burundi as an Internal Auditor Manager since January 2008 up today. He is supporting the organization to achieve its mission by participating in strategic decision-making, ensure that effective accountability, governance and compliance mechanisms are in place for both CARE and partners. He also provide assurance that resources are safeguarded, operations are cost-effectively managed, and policies and procedures regulations are in compliance with donors rules. As Internal Audit unit was new position in CARE Burundi, Bosco helps CARE Staff and Partners to have better understanding of internal audit unit roles and responsibilities. He helps CARE Burundi starting implementation partnership and works on strengthening Burundi civil society, on partnerships governance and accountability. Bosco start working with CARE Burundi in 2004 as Grants and Contracts Manager of Consortium Livelihood program under USAID Funds. He has good understanding of different donor’s compliance and regulations such USAID, EU, Norad and ADA. Before joining CARE Burundi, he works as Accountant and Administrator Manager with Oxfam GB from 2001 to 2004. Previously, he had worked as provincial delegate Chamber of Commerce and Industry helping economics operators and government’s policy and regulations complied. He had developed skills to work with different persons with multi-culture and nationality and vertical and horizontal collaboration. He holds Accountant Institute diploma degree from Burundi University.

Jimmy Mategeko | Knowledge Management and Partnership Coordinator | CARE Burundi

Jimmy Mategeko has been working with CARE for 10 years.  He is supporting the CO to enhance its Knowledge Mangement (K&M) systems (sharing, documentation and reflection) and he is also supporting the CO in its road map toward Effective Partnership to strengthen CSO and engage in innovative partnerships.  He has been the focal point for the SII for the last 2 sessions. Previous to the position, Jimmy managed for 7 years several projects and this has enable him to gain a proven experience in project management on the following areas: livelihood, women economic empowerment, prevention and response to GBV, sexual and reproductive health right. Jimmy has also an experience in working in cross sectorial partnerships. Prior to joining CARE, Jimmy worked in different NGOs including Solidarite and ASI. Jimmy is curious and a long live learner, he is committed to gender equality and define himself as “feminist.”

Sébastien Fornerod | Civil Society Program Advisor | CARE Norway

Sébastien Fornerod has been working with CARE Norway as a Program Advisor since 2012. He follows up the Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Program (GEWEP) funded by the Norwegian Agency for Cooperation Development (Norad) in Burundi and in DRC. He also works thematically on strengthening civil society, on partnerships and on accountability. Previously, some other positions he had over the years were: Communication Advisor with the Drylands Coordination Group (Sahel); Program Coordinator for Norwegian Church Aid (LAC region); Strategic Advisor for the CIPCRE, an environmental and social NGO in Cameroon; and Advocacy Advisor for the Joint Advocacy Desk of the East Jerusalem YMCA and the YWCA of Palestine. He holds a Master degree in Religious Hermeneutics.

Laurent Uwumuremyi | Country Director | CARE Burundi

Laurent Uwumuremyi is the Country Director of CARE Burundi. With 20 years of international development and humanitarian experience in East, Central and Western Africa, Laurent has strong background in developing and optimizing corporate efficiency and leading its strategy and operations at national level. He is adept in community and country-wide development, restructuring and rebuilding management, and has significant experience in structural change management and organizational development. He is an excellent mentor, a team builder and player. He is recognized for high standards of professionalism and integrity, positive mental attitude and commitment to excellence.  He is keen in provision of strategic and operational management oversight to programs and operations (finance, logistics and administration ensuring that each department is efficient, effective and accountable). He also has proven experience in promoting learning across teams and programs.