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Rakia Niandou (left), a banker at the Savings and Loan association in Genki, Niger, fills out receipt paperwork for one of the villagers who had made a deposit into the local bank.

VSLA at 25

The global humanitarian aid and development industry has a problem: innovation is everywhere, but examples of successfully scaled solutions are far less common. Even when we achieve impact at scale, the process can take decades. For example, it took 17 years for CARE’s Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) to go from idea to widespread impact, economically empowering millions. CARE’s…

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WSJ Video: Big Data: The Link Between Information and Financial Inclusion

Watch this video from the Wall Street Journal developed by CGAP, the World Bank’s financial inclusion unit which provides a short summary of the link between the growth in data generated by mobile phones and financial inclusion. It was shared with us by our Chomoka (Digital VSLA) team. The video raises the benefits and risks associated with this trend. As the leading…

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Meet the Teams: Chomoka (Digital VSLA)

Over the past 25 years, CARE’s VSLA (Village Savings and Loans Association) model has revolutionized efforts to help low-income women improve their lives. Not only has CARE enabled 5,000,000 women and men to form and manage these life-changing groups, we have driven a global savings-led movement, engaging NGOs, banks, governments and donors in a journey that puts women and their savings…

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Meet the Teams: Journeys of Transformation

Globally, women have lower literacy and numeracy rates than men, less access to financial services, lower rates of school completion and less access to current information or technology about banking or financial entrepreneurship. A growing “digital divide” reflects how women also have lower adoption rates for digital technology, including mobile banking. In Rwanda, the mobile phone penetration is relatively high,…

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