The Krishi Utsho model got a shout out this week from SEEP and a reblog from Next Billion!

“An innovative microfranchise model called Krishi Utsho (agro source in Bengali) launched by CARE Bangladesh has developed a network over 110 franchisee agro-dealers who serve over 30,000 farmers providing a wide variety of products (medicine, feed, vitamins, machinery, seeds, etc.) coupled with information and agricultural extension services mean a one-stop solution for farmers input supplies. Since the microfranchise network was launched, average milk production has increase by more than 50 percent and is expected to rise as new strains of more productive cattle begin to produce milk. KU conducted an in house survey on four hundred randomly selected farmers to measure its impact. The survey found that farmers’ income increased by 30%, food spending increased by 10%, distance travelled and cost to access input reduced by 50%.”

Check out the original post here for more on the power of social franchising.

One of the most successful franchisees, Saiful Islam Sumon. Mr. Sumon got the team’s attention when he started with one store and then opened two more! The Krishi Utsho team is studying his success to see what they can replicate and scale with other franchisees


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