Listening, prototyping, testing, learning and iterating.  The cycle is fundamentally reshaping how we do

SxD participants rethink how the accelerator is designed
SxD participants rethink how the accelerator is designed

Not everyone uses words like “prototyping”, “lean startup”, or “human-centered design”, however.  Similar ideas crop up in adaptive management frameworks across sectors.  USAID defines adaptive management as “intentionally and systematically using relevant knowledge to inform decision-making and ultimately take action. Within the development context, that action could be adjusting interventions or whole strategies, experimenting with new ways of working, scrapping programming that simply isn’t working, or scaling approaches that have demonstrated value.”

In their first podcast, the USAID Learning Lab team explores the implementation of USAID’s Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) Framework to see what the impact has been and how these concepts are changing development.




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